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H&D Fantasy Rugby Update - Week 8

H&D Fantasy Rugby Update - Week 8

By Sean Mills
3 November 2015
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A light week on the fixture list didn't stop a bucket load of points for the fantasy league thanks to a mahussive win by the Owls.

Only one player in the current top 5 scored any points this week, putting a massive marker down with 34 points scored, leaving Kimberley Hutchins at the top of that particular table on 94 points.

The full table:
Joe Francis 368
Elliott Hawken 364
Chris Coyles 330
Shaun Fox 287
Adrian Dalby 284
Gia Fitzsimmons 266
Shane Manning 249
Chris Coyles 239
Tim Flatt 238
Jonathan Skargon 233
Joe Francis 217
Robert Kemp 194
Steve Wheeler 182
Paul Dack 177
Mel Skargon 149
Peter Skargon 147
Tom Fitch 95

Now lets have a few of you try and catch Kim, it will make this more interesting and should see some more big wins for the club!


Harwich RUFC

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