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H&D Fantasy Rugby - The Final Result

H&D Fantasy Rugby - The Final Result

By Sean Mills
14 May 2016
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the man that has led the table all season hung on to his lead, and even more predictable was the winner of the wooden spoon .......

So after a couple of weeks of silence while the final few games were played to try and avoid giving the game away, finding the final result was as predictable as possible kind of defeated the point, but despite a few weeks of massive scoring and 6 great wins for all 3 senior teams, the man that has led the table all season hung on to his lead, and even more predictable was the winner of the wooden spoon.......

Final Table:
Joe Francis 1100
Tim Flatt 1045
Gia Fizsimmons 1035
Chris Coyles 967
Elliott Hawken 938
Shane Manning 903
Chris Coyles 880
Jonathan Skargon 869
Adrian Dalby 848
Shaun Fox 845
Paul Dack 845
Joe Francis 820
Robert Kemp 786
Steve Wheeler 737
Peter Skargon 735
Mel Skargon 697
Tom Fitch 435

H&D Fantasy Rugby - Player stats:

Some point scoring stats for the season, these are based on what I've been told by the coaches and captains and doesn't include pre-season or games like the tournament last week, and for the first time no one has finished on negative points, you've all clearly been too well behaved this season!!!

Top 20 Players:
Kimberley Hutchins 256
Sam Male 154
Shaun Fox 154
Adam Eldridge 133
Yas Amber 129
Jack Cairns 125
Josh Newlyn 121
Simon Palmer 120
Adam Palmer 117
George Brunning 109
Kyle Hutchins 105
Craig Wilson 102
Tom Kite 101
Elliott Hawken 100
Robert Kemp 98
Mimi Montgomery 96
Simon Pitham 94
Robert Edgar 94
Ian Flook 91
Abi Cutts 90
Most Appearances
Josh Leeks 22
Elliott Hawken 20
Jack Cairns 19
Most Opposition Appearances
Oly Bray 3
Most Wins
Josh Leeks 18
Jack Cairns 16
Elliott Hawken 15
Shane Manning 15
Paul Sewell 15
Josh Newlyn 15
Most Tries
Kimberley Hutchins 30
Adam Palmer 15
Yas Amber 15
Josh Newlyn 11
Simon Palmer 10
Robert Edgar 10
Most Hat-tricks
Kimberley Hutchins 6
Adam Palmer 2
Yas Amber 2
Most Conversions
Sam Male 42
Shaun Fox 29
Craig Wilson 18
Most Penalties
Shaun Fox 7
Sam Male 6
Most Man Of The Match Awards
Mimi Montgomery 4
Kimberley Hutchins 2
Simon Palmer 2
Jack Cairns 2
George Brunning 2
Elliott Hawken 2
Abi Cutts 2
David Parkin 2
Most Dick Of The Day Awards
Josh Leeks 3
Elliott Hawken 2
Richard Woods 2
Adam Palmer 2
Most Yellow Cards
Josh Leeks 1
Sean Mills Jr 1
Sean Mills Sr 1
Simon Keen 1
Richard Miller 1
Elliott Hawken 1
Most Red Card
Not a single one this year so I'm just going to tag Nick Faliveno for nostalgia sake.

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